Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Snow expected this weekend A.Ikhsanaa | GoGo.mn Snow and snow storm is expected in Western and Central aimags on Dec 24th and most regions on Dec 25. Mostly cloudy in Ulaanbaatar city today. No snow. Winds from W will reach 5-10 m/s and temperature will reach -12C to -14C. Snow …

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Circus tigers and lions to walk streets of Ulaanbaatar


The National Circus of Mongolia is hosting international circus performances starting from December 24. The International Circus of Demidov has brought six white and two Amur tiger and two white lions. The national circus is planning on showing the circus animals to the public and has been taking people’s opinions …

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-50 Celsius expected in northern Mongolia


 The temperature is expected to fall to -50 Celsius (-58 deg Fahrenheit) in northern parts of Mongolia next week. Snow is currently falling in all parts of Mongolia and  expected to continue until 29th of December. Above average snowfall already covers much of the country and an estimated that 70% …

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Evolution Made Really Smart People Long to Be Loners


Psychologists have a pretty good idea of what typically makes a human happy. Dancing delights us. Being in nature brings us joy. And, for most people, frequent contact with good friends makes us feel content. That is, unless you’re really, really smart. In a paper published in the British Journal …

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Miss World: Mongolian ‘Bayra Bela’ in eleventh place


Mongolian beauty A.Bayartsetseg has come eleventh in the Miss World finale. While Mongolia only has a population of three million people, Bayra Bela, which is A.Bayartsetseg’s competing name (Bayra is a short form of Bayartsetseg), has managed to amass hundreds and thousands of votes and received the People’s Choice Award. …

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Lighting the New Year Tree on Sukhbaatar Square


Ulaanbaatar traditionally welcomes the start of the New Year’s festivities by lighting the tree on Sukhbaatar Square. This year, lighting the tree lighting ceremony is held publicly on Monday (19th of December) on the Mongolian capital’s central square. A total of 20 workers have been working since the 15th of …

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